Ceramah Awal Muharam

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Industry 4.0 and banking

A lot of people over the next five to 10 years will see their roles affected. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/17/jobs-and-automation-deutsche-bank-ceo-cryan-warns-at-singapore-summit.html Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan has made headlines before for … [Continue reading]

Motivation and habit

... and you need discipline to develop habit. … [Continue reading]

Research needs funding

$1.1 billion and only 5% out of their income. https://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/self-driving/google-has-spent-over-11-billion-on-selfdriving-tech Now, a court filing in Waymo’s epic and ongoing lawsuit against Uber has … [Continue reading]

Suffer Now And Live The Rest Of Your Life As A Champion!

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Go at it full speed

Lukewarm is no good. … [Continue reading]

Culture Night and Closing Ceremony of Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa

Some pictures and videos from the Culture Night and Closing Ceremony of Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa for the new students intake this year. … [Continue reading]

UTM VC’s monthly engagement – September 2017

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Right now we have an open day at Kolej Siswa Jaya called FIESTA'17. This is an annual event fully conducted by the students of Kolej siswa Jaya. We have fireworks, concerts, foodstalls, shops, open air cinema, blood donation, haunted house, e-sports … [Continue reading]

A talk by Tuan Haji Ali Hassan – Al-Ikhsan founder

New students of UTMKL this intake must be very honoured to have a famous UTM alumni to come and share his life experiences. A few points that I gathered from his talk. Work part time in a field related to your study before you graduate … [Continue reading]