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Department of Engineering


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Sha’ri Mohd Yusof (Prof.Dr.)

Professor, Dean

Email: Tel: 03-2180 5390

Quality Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Applied Statistics, Project Management, Quality Management, Engineering Management, Safety Engineering


Awaluddin Bin Mohamed Shaharoun (Prof. Dr.)


Email: Tel: 03-2180 5090


Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Innovation Management Supply Chain Management


Zainai Bin Mohamed (Emeritus Dato’ Prof.Ir.Dr.)

Professor Emeritus

Email: Tel: 03-2180 5420


Civil/Structural Engineering, Project / Construction Management, Organizational Development, Contextual & Entrepreneurial Leadership, Higher Education Management, The Impact of  Higher Education Establishment on Community Development, Entrepreneurship, Education & Training


Assoc. Professor


Abdul Rahman Bin Abd. Rahim (Assoc. Prof. Dr)

Assoc. Professor

Email: Tel: 03- 2180 5134

Lean Manufacturing, Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, Supply Chain Management,Engineering Design Management,Strategic Management, Engineering Maintenance


Astuty Binti Amrin (Assoc. Prof.)

Assoc. Professor,  Akademic Manager SPS UTM KL

Email:   Tel: 03- 2180 5247

Materials Science and Engineering (Metallurgy, Materials Characterisation, NDT, Failure Analysis), Corrosion (Corrosion at Ambience Temperature, Corrosion Control, Corrosion Management), High Temperature Oxidation


Khairur Rijal Bin Jamaludin (Assoc. Prof. Dr)

Assoc. Professor, Deputy Dean (Academic) 

Email: Tel: 03- 2180 5135

Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials, Robust Engineering & Robust Product Design, Quality Engineering & Management, Toyota Production System

 pm dr liza latif

Liza Bte Abdul Latiff (Assoc. Prof. Dr)

Assoc. Professor

Email: Tel: 03-2180 5233

Computer Networking, Wireless Communication, Broadband Multimedia

 pm morina 1

Morina Bte Abdullah (Assoc. Prof. Dr)

Assoc. Professor

Email: Tel: 03-2180 5227

Electric, Electronic Engineering

pm norliza 

Norliza Bte Mohd  Noor (Assoc. Prof. Dr)

Assoc. Professor

Email: Tel: 03-2157 5237


Signal and Image Processing And Analysis, Data Analysis

 robiah ahmad

Robiah Binti Ahmad (Assoc. Prof. Dr)

Assoc. Professor, Deputy Dean ( Development, Innovation, Community & Network )

Email: Tel: 03- 2180 5137

Mecchanical Engineering, Instrumentation and Control, System Identification and Evolutionary Computation, Agriculture Engineering


Roslizar Bin Mat Ali (Assoc. Prof. Dr)
Assoc. Professor
Email:  Tel: 03- 2180 5142

Robotics & Vision Systems, Mechatronics System, Engineering Education, Technology Transfer

 pm saleh

Sallehuddin Bin Muhamad (Assoc. Prof.)

Assoc. Professor, Deputy Director of the laboratory

Email:   Tel: 03-2615 4677

Aeroelasticity, Flight Mechanics, Accident Investigation, Maintenance Management, Ergonomics, Operational Research


Shreeshivadasan A/L Chelliapan (Assoc. Prof. Dr)

Assoc. Professor

Email: Tel: 03-2180 5253

Environmental Engineering, Water Pollution Control, Environmental Impact Assessment, Chemical Treatment, Water Supply


Syuhaida Binti Ismail (Assoc.Prof. Ir.Dr.)


Email: Tel:  03- 2180    5229

Project Management, Construction Management, Procurement Management, Contract Management, Performance Benchmarking, Key Performance Indicators, Private Finance Initiative/Public Private Partnership


Senior Lecturers & Lecturers



Abdelgadir Mohamed Mahmoud (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel: 03- 2180 5327


Reliability Centered Maintenance, Flow Induced Vibration, Rotordynamic


Habibah @ Norehan Hj Haron (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer, Master Project Coordinator

Email: Tel: 03-2180 5257


Engineering Education, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing System Engineering


Hazilah Bte Mad Kaidi (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel: 03-

Telecomunication,  Electrical Eng. (Communication System), Wireless Communication Electronics


Kamilah Bt. Haji Radin Salim (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel: 03-2615 4377


Engineering Education, Electronic Engineering


Khamarrul Azahari Bin Razak (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer,

Email:  Tel:03-2203 1372


Geomatic Engineering, Geospatial Intelligent, Remote Sensing, LiDAR & GIS, Disaster Risk Management, Multi Geo-Hazard and Risk Assessment


Lim Meng Hee (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel: 03-2203 4368


Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring, Vibration and Noise Analysis, Interactive-Based Asset Management System


Mohamad Syazli Bin Fathi (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer,

Email:  Tel: 03-2615 4524


Construction Informatics,Building Information Modeling (BIM), Project and Programme Management, Management Information System, Construction Quality & Maintenance, Safety Engineering, Disaster & Risk Management


Mohamad Zaki Bin Hassan (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer, Head of Panel Mechanical Engineering

Email: Tel:


Material, Manufacturing, Composite Structure, Solid Mechanics, Low Velocity Impact, Strain Rate Sensitivity


Mohamed Azlan Bin Suhot (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer, Exc.Dip. Engineering Business Management Coordinator

Email:  Tel: 03-2615 4396

Composite Manufacturing, Testing and Defect Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Optical Microscopy, Image Analysis and 3D X-Ray Microtomography, Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth, SN Testing and Acoustic Emission


Mohd. Azri Bin Mohd. Izhar (Dr.)

Senior Lecture, Coordinator Master of Science (System Engineering)

Email:  Tel:

Wireless Communications, Coding Theory, Turbo Code, Cognitive Radio, Radar Cross Section


Mohd Khairi Bin Abu Husain (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel: 03-2203 1385

Ocean Engineering, Offshore Structure Modelling, Hydrodynamic Wave Loading Simulation, Wave Mechanics, Extreme Value Analysis, Reliability and Risk Assessment, System Identification Techniques, Efficient Numerical Techniques For Analysis of Offshore Structural Systems, Efficient Time Simulation Procedure, Probabilistic Response Modelling

Mohd Nabil Bin Muhtazaruddin (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer


Tel: 03- 2615 4772

Power System, Transmission & Distribution Systems, Distributed Generation, FACTS Devices, Meta-Heuristic Optimization


Mohd Yusof Bin Md.Daud (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel: 03-2615 4797

Manufacturing, Materials, Ultrasonic, Tribology, FE Simulation, Industrial, Industrial Engineering, Operations Management


Nelidya Binti Md. Yusoff (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer, Coordinator MPHIL+Master of Science (Industry Design)

Email:  Tel:03-2615 4859

Optical Amplifier, Erbium-doped fiber amplifier, optical devices, Remotely pumped EDFA


Noor Hamizah Bt Hussain (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer, Head of Panel Electrical Engineering

Email:  Tel: 03-2615 4393

Engineering Education, Teaching and Learning Methods, Communication Systems, Wireless Communications


Noor Irza Binti Mohd Zaki (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email: Tel: 03-2203 1402

Ocean Engineering, Offshore Structure Modelling, Hydrodynamic Wave Loading Simulation, Wave Mechanics, Extreme Value Analysis, Reliability and Risk Assessment, System Identification Techniques, Efficient Numerical Techniques for Analysis of Offshore Structural Systems, Finite Memory Nonlinear System Models, Probabilistic Response Modelling


Norazli Binti Othman (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel:03- 2615 4213

Solid Waste Management, Environmental Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Electronic Waste Mangement, Environment Impact Assessment, Wastewater Engineering, Water supply Engineering, Water Resources Engineering

Nor Fazilah Binti Mohd Hashim (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel:03- 2615 4654

Structural Engineering Structural Mechanics, Concrete and precast design, Progressive collapse, Finite element analysis, Material Engineering


Norliza Binti Mohamed (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer ,Business Centre Coordinator

Email: Tel: 03- 2180 5434

Radio over Fiber (RoF) system, Front-end optical receiver, RF mixer design, Millimeter-wave radio over fiber, Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) signal generation

Norulhusna Binti Ahmad (Dr.)

Email: Tel: 03- 2615 4705

Wireless Communication, Coding Theory, Cognitive Radio

Nurul Huda Binti Ahmad (Dr.)
Email: Tel: 03-

Aeronautical Engineering Thermofluid, Industrial Design


Rahimah Bt Muhamad (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email: Tel:03- 2615 4553

Civil and Structural Engineering, Tension Stiffening in Reinforced Concrete, Fiber Reinforced Concrete, FRP Reinforced Concrete, Discrete Rotation Deflection, Partial Interaction Structural Mechanics Model


Roslina Binti Mohammad (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel: 03-2180 5269

Impact Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Fracture and Solid Mechanics


Rozzeta Binti Dolah CEng MIET (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer, Coordinator Eng. Doctorate

Email:  Tel:

Robust design engineering, Taguchi Method, Design of Experiments, Industrial metrology, Adhesive and adhesion engineering, Semiconductor/ Silicon wafer manufacturing.

Rozaimi Bin Che Hasan (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email: Tel: 03- 2615 4866

Underwater acoustic mapping, Benthic habitat mapping, Hydrographic Surveying, Sonar processing,Sonar image classification, Seafloor classification, Seabed mapping


Rudzidatul Akmam Bt Dziyauddin (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email: Tel: 03-2203 1345

Communication Systems and Networks, Cross Layer Design in Wireless Communications, Future Generation Wireless Networks (LTE, 5G), Quality of Service (QoS) in Wireless Networks (Admission Control, Scheduling, Resource Allocation), Sensor Applications


Sa’ardin Bin Abdul Aziz (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer, ,Postgraduate Academic Manager

Email: Tel:  03-2615 4802

Ultrasonic Metal Forming, Finite Element Modelling, (FEM), Aeronautics, Material Processing


Samira Albati Bt. Kamaruddin (Dr.)

IT Manager, Senior Lecturer

Email: Tel: 03-2615 4617


Water Resources, Groundwater Hydrology, Surface Water Hydrology, Groundwater Contamination and Remediation, Environmental Issues and Assessment, Image Analysis Technique


Shamsul Bin Sarip (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer, Head of Department Engineering

Email: Tel: 03-2615 4265

Braking Performance, FE Simulation, Flow Simulation, Industrial Design ,Industrial Engineering

Siti Zura Binti A Jalil @ Zainuddin (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email:  Tel: 03-2615 4718

Electromagnetic Radiation of Human Body, Bio-Electrical Signal Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Signal Propagation

Sathiabama A/P T.Thirugnana (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer

Email: Tel:  03- 2180    5229

Microelectronics, Applied Physics, Thin-film Technology, Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), Renewable Energy (Solar), Semiconductor Materials


Fatimah Binti Salim  (Dr.)


Email: Tel: 03- 2615 4398

Power Quality, Power System


Halim Shah Bin Hamzah  (Dr.)


Email: Tel: 03-2615 4623

Lean Taguchi Systems and Engineering, Sustainable Operations, Supply Chain and Systems


Haslaile Binti Abdullah


Email:  Tel: 03- 2203 1346

Signal processing of biological signals, Sleep study, Artificial Intelligent and Pattern Recognition


Norazmein Bin Abdul Raman


Email:  Tel: 03- 2615 4756

Industrial engineering


Nurul Aini Binti Bani  (Dr.)


Email: Tel: 03- 2203 1352

Renewable Energy, Solar Engineering, Rural Technology, Rehabilitation Engineering, High Voltage Engineering


Siti Armiza Binti Mohd Aris  (Dr.)


Email:  Tel: 03- 2615 4689

EEG, EEG Signal Processing


Rafizah Binti Musa

Email: Tel: 03-

Civil and Structural Engineering