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Programme Objectives

This programme aims at providing rooms for knowledge advancement to graduate and professional of Bachelor of Engineering, Technology or Science backgrounds, be it those with vast working experience or those who recently graduated. This programme is specifically designed to ensure that the graduate is kept up-to-date with the current development of sustainable infrastructure in enhancing knowledge and skills in their career.  The objectives of this programme include producing graduates who are able to:

  • Manage the development of project organization related to sustainable infrastructure by applying the advance knowledge and skill in facilitating the local and international sectors.
  • Lead and simultaneously work as a team and communicate effectively in verbal and oral in the field of sustainable infrastructure.
  • Carry out responsibilities competently, effectively, innovatively, professionally and ethically while demonstrating the creativity, sensitivity and academic ability in confronting issues related to sustainable infrastructure.

Apply the current knowledge in sustainable infrastructure from time to time extensively, globally and innovatively throughout the life-long learning.