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Double Masters Program



The Double Masters with MEIJI University Japan is the first joint program between UTM Razak School and a Japanese university and only offered to Malaysian students registered for MSc (EBM).  This programme offers the opportunity for participants who want to pursue double masters in Engineering Business Management (EBM) and Master in Business Administration (MBA) simultaneously. Participants can register with the EBM program and the credits can be transferred to Meiji MBA program. UTM will award Master in Engineering Business Management and Meiji University will award an MBA. UTM Razak School EBM participants are required to attend Meiji University at least once during the study period, for a minimum of two weeks, for project/thesis supervision and enroll in at least one MBA elective. The other electives can be taken either at Meiji University or at UTM Razak School, conducted by staff from Meiji University. There will also be participants from Meiji University who will come to Malaysia to enroll in EBM modules along with other participants.

The UTM-Meiji Double Masters Programme provides a unique opportunity and exposure to all participants the educations of two countries. Being premier Universities in both countries, this program provide participants with the special skills to face challenges in business and engineering and enhance the capabilities in decision making as well as strategic planning. The number of admissions to the double Masters programme is subject to passing the interview and approval from Meiji University. Meiji University reserves the right to limit the number of EBM participants enrolling in its MBA program for administrative reasons.

For those who wish to enroll in the double master programme, the fee does not include accommodation, travel, food, class materials and other expenses while in Japan (minimum estimated cost is RM6,000 – this value vary depending on the exchange rate).